Your Complete Program For A Flatter, More Toned Stomach And Midsection In Just 14 Days! 
Blast body fat from your midsection Tone & shape your stomach, hips and thighs Say goodbye to your muffin top!
The Next 14 Day Ab Blast Challenge Begins Monday 1st March 2021
What If I Told You That You Could Tone, Shape And Reduce Your Midsection In Just 14 Days!
Our 14 day online challenge includes:
  • Online Coaching & support
  • Daily fat blasting workouts designed to target your mid-section
  • Fast & Simple meal preparation
  • Group support from everyone that’s on the program
  • A stronger and more defined midsection in just 14 days
The workouts don't need any fancy equipment or gyms to do them in, you can train in the comfort of your own home or if you are a member of the gym you can complete the workouts there, it’s really up to you.
They are anything between 5 minutes to 25 minutes in duration so you have no excuses that you haven’t got time to exercise. I will be posting the workouts and telling you what to eat each day in our private members only group on Facebook.
How This Works
  • We Start The 14 Day Ab Blast Challenge On Set Dates. This Is So That You Start With The Rest Of The Group And Support Each Other On Those Days When You Want To Grab A Chocolate!
  • After the initial instructions are sent, you will receive daily workouts in a private, secret Facebook group telling you what training to do the next day. Just watch the exercise videos then perform the required number of exercises for that workout.
  • We will give you a food plan each day and guide you on portion control.
  • Follow the plan 100% for 14 days and watch your waist shrink before your eyes.
Once You Have booked You Will Receive Access To Our Private Group On Facebook And Also A Pre-Plan Checklist To Make Sure You Have Everything You Need Ready To Start The Programme. 
Just £28 For Everything You Need To Get A Flat And Toned Stomach!! 
Meet Your Transformation Coach Richard Morris
Richard Morris has been a fitness professional for over 20 years helping thousands of people to transform their health, fitness and weight loss goals.

Richard is one of the U.K’s top fitness and fat loss experts and is a very highly qualified body transformation coach. Using his vast experience Richard has designed his own ‘signature fat loss program’ to maximise fat loss, increase energy, improve health and transform your body.

So if you’re looking to transform your body and be given all of the tools to help you succeed in your weight loss journey then look no further than Richard Morris who has a proven track record of delivering results for his clients.

Our goal is to not only transform your body but to also to give you all of the tools needed to increase your knowledge to continue on your journey once the program has completed.

So if you're looking for phenomenal results then look no further than Richard Morris who has a proven track record of delivering results for his clients.
Take A Look At Our Client Transformations Below
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